We are a brand strategy consultancy. We guide leaders in finding the real, radical clarity at the heart of each organization.

Radical clarity is the foundation to consistently presenting your story and building your brand. Brand is the collection of perceptions consistently associated with you, by others. It’s what they say you are, not what you say you are.

Finding radical clarity underlies Milkshake’s expertise in creating brand frameworks, naming, messaging, and in bringing alignment across the organization.


We work with the leaders of organizations or initiatives:

  • whose service or experience is delivered through people: especially health care, non-profits, education, and professional services
  • who are an evolutionary point, and may be launching something new, which makes it essential that we work directly with the leadership or decision-making individuals or team
  • who have traditionally been willing to spend lots of money on advertising, digital, public relations, and other marketing services, but who are nevertheless struggling to put their finger on the problem that each of them is solving separately and want more alignment
  • who see the value in research but are disappointed at the disjointed, agenda-driven recommendations they are seeing


Our services begin with strategy and go through initial brand expression and systems across three core phases of work. We believe in partnering with our clients’ teams and expert teams in our established network to implement solutions that bring the strategy to life and deliver effective results for our clients.


1. Radical Clarity

  • Research, Analysis and Insights
    Primarily qualitative interviews, workshops, surveys, and research
  • Brand Framework
    Components may include: positioning, audience strategy, guiding principles/values, purpose, point of view/perspective, personality/brand narrative, etc.

2. Expression

  • Naming
    Name development, including research on domains, social media handles, trademark filings, etc.
  • Brand Architecture and Brand Systems
    Brand hierarchy, relationship systems, sub-brand/co-brand systems
  • Messaging Platform
  • Identity Development and Systems

3. Alignment

  • Alignment across organization and its external partners, agencies
  • Workshops, training, speaking
  • Annual audits and measurement